StrengthsFinder Conference

This exciting day will be filled with personal insights into your own strengths, great interactions and connections with others, and tremendous learning opportunities to help you know how to use your strengths to become a better leader. Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, you will receive personalized results that will both enlighten and deepen your understanding … Continue reading


Dux Leadership Center Library

The Dux Leadership Center provides a library of books and other materials that you can borrow to help build leadership skills in your department or organization.  You can view our library at


Begin With the End in Mind

As they say – measure twice, cut once. Plan ahead so you don’t waste time and materials when you have to redo something because you messed it up the first time. It makes sense for most tasks in life, but what about life in general? On your eightieth birthday, you can’t go back and try … Continue reading

Three Leadership Keys I’ve Learned

Leadership can be viewed as a complex concept. Most people learn the traits and themes that help create a great leader but seldom do they live out the concepts they’ve learned in their day-to-day life. By breaking down a few basic leadership concepts in this article and providing “real world” examples I hope to lay … Continue reading