The Dux Center (pronounced “dukes”, which is Latin for leadership) is a leadership resource for students. The Dux center works to promote leadership development for undergraduate and graduate students at James Madison University. Its mission is to provide students with the tools they need to become more effective leaders. The Dux Center accomplishes this mission through its role as a leadership clearinghouse on campus, by supporting the leadership development of on-campus organizations, and by providing resources and additional leadership development programs for students. Feel free to stop by our office at any time with any questions!


Kijiji is a student program, created uniquely for JMU students. Each week you will participate in interactive, experiential learning activities leading you to discover more about yourself, connect with other students who share similar hopes and dreams for making a positive impact on the world around them, and act together to actually influence others to make a change happen.


Finding Your Strength

Have you ever been faced with a leadership opportunity yet turned it away out of fear or shyness? As college students, we are continually faced with the challenges of stepping out of our comfort zones. When it comes to taking on the responsibility of a group, many times students turn down these roles. The reason … Continue reading


The Superheroes, Strengths, & Leadership Conference was a FANTASTIC experience! Here’s a picture of the Yellow Team in front of their finished K’nex Challenge at the end of the day.