Summer Employment 2017

Every summer, JMU opens its door to host a variety of camps and conferences on our campus.  Conference Services is here to provide direct logistical support to ensure those events are successful.  If you’re looking for real work experience that will help you enhance your resume and grow as a professional, this is could be the job for you.

We’re looking to put together a team of twelve qualified individuals who:

  • exhibit solid multi-tasking and time-management skills
  • possess strong Public Relation Skills
  • function well in a fast-paced office environment
  • take initiative and work well with others in a TEAM setting
  • are creative problem solvers
  • are available to work May 9th-Aug 6th


    Conference Coordinators
    • Earn up to $5,000+  w/Meals/JMU Flex $$
    • Primarily Day Shifts, weekends included
    • Coordinate ALL conference logistics for assigned groups
    • CANNOT take Summer Classes

    Administrative Coordinators
    • Earn up to $5,000+  w/Meals/JMU Flex $$
    • Primarily Day Shifts, weekends included
    • Assigned a specific administrative area serving conference operations
    • Act as the primary liaison to certain supporting university departments
    • CANNOT take Summer Classes

    Housing/Night Operations Staff
    • Earn up to $3,300+  &  Meals/JMU Flex $$
    • Handle basic office/campus operations 5pm-12am
    • CAN take summer classes
    • Serve various ON-CALL shifts …12am-8am

    (Housing is NOT provided by employer. Must secure own summer housing.)

    Download Position Descriptions Here2016 CA Position Descriptions

    Summer Rates:
    All Coordinator positions start at $11/hour. Hours will fluctuate based on number of conferences on campus at any given time. Expect 40 hours/week average over the course of your employment.

    Night Operations Staff start at $9/hour. Hours will fluctuate based on number of conferences on campus at any given time. Expect 20 hours / week average over the course of your employment.

    At least ONE Reference Letter REQUIRED as part of Application Submission.

    Informational Application Packets available at JMU Conference Services Office, Festival Conference & Student Center, Suite 1100; Mon-Fri, 9a-6p…BEGINNING Jan 20th.

    Positions are highly competitive, so please follow all instructions when submitting your application packet.

    Completed applications are due back in our office by Thursday, February 25th by 5pm.  Late applications will not be accepted.

    For more information, email